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Hi guys, how is going?

The event called “WE FOUND LOVE” officially started yesterday. So, this post will cover three things below:

  • Introduction to the event.
  • What the purposes of this event are.
  • Why you should join this event.

1. Introduction to WE FOUND LOVE:

WE FOUND LOVE is an event organised by YSO to connect Vietnamese young adults seeking their other significant halves by factors other than appearances. Not only that, Masquerade Ball, which encompasses music, wine, food and dancing, and First Meet which creates chances for couples to meet in real life promise heaps of fun and meaningful moments.

  • Chapter 1 – Hidden Face: Complete a short psychology survey and submit photos of yourself.
  • Chapter 2 – Perfect Match: Candidates are matched based on various factors.
  • Chapter 3 – First Meet: Your very first chance to get to know your potential perfect match.
  • Chapter 4 – We Found Love: Masquerade Ball.

The final chapter will be celebrated on 6th July in Kensington Town Hall which is located at 30-34 Bellair St, Kengsinton, VIC 3031.

2. The Purposes of WE FOUND LOVE:

We have a vision that most Vietnamese people in Melbourne are extremely busy with their daily work. However, they still desire to find the real love here. Due to that vision, we decided to organize this event in order to support them to find their PERFECT MATCH. Not only that, this event is also the way to make them feel relaxed after a long time working.

3. The reasons for joining WE FOUND LOVE:

If you are currently living in Melbourne and would like to find the real love, it would be great to join this event. Why? Because it is an opportunity to meet your PERFECT MATCH. On top of that, you will be invited to the Masquerade Ball, where you suit/dress up and have a complete make-over, where love is up in the air and where you begin a new chapter of your life. We guarantee that you will receive a great experience when you come to join this event.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

Here’s the link to register the event: WE FOUND LOVE

Get “interested” button in HERE to follow the event.

Have a great day.

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