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Stairway to Success – Volunteering Session (Poster)

Eddie Nguyen (Guest Speaker)

Imagine how volunteering would change your life and make your CV stand out, how would you start your first move?

Surprised!!!! Eddie is a registered Practice Nurse and Vice President of Victoria Street Business Association (VSBA)

Let Eddie tell you a story. .

He spent his uni-life volunteering at VSBA because he believed the volunteering value and his self-improvement. And Eddie, who we know today, is a leader of a business community. Fortunately, Eddie will be sharing his story with you.

YSO asked, ‘how did you become Vice President of VSBA?’

‘Being Volunteer and the MET’, Eddie replied with pride and confidence.

‘The MET with former Vice President of VSBA was extraordinary, it changed my life. I have leadership instinct and always does, and that MET trigger mine. 7 years volunteering not even a missing day, never regret or having second thought. Full of fun, working and talking with amazing leader. Tip! if I were volunteer at that day, there is no Eddie of today.
I appreciate my voluntary work and I always does’, Eddie continued.


Here are two key events Eddie volunteered.
– State Election day 2010
– Richmond Lunar New Year

Ms Sofie Anselmi (Guest Speaker)

We are very excited to introduce to you our keynote speaker, Ms Anselmi, current Community and Students Engagement Manager of Volunteering Victoria Organisation.
Ms Anselmi is an experienced leader in the community sectors. She develops initiatives to maximise participation and effectiveness across Melbourne and parts of regional Victoria.
Ms Anselmi has very strong understanding and knowledge of the volunteering values to help students develop transferable skills such as leadership and teamwork. On behalf of Volunteering Victoria, she introduces a new program to support international students with more volunteering opportunities.

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