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Hi everyone, how is going?

After “Stairway to Success – Volunteering Session”, we will organize the next session of Stairway to Success called Social Work Session this Saturday. So, this post will cover three things below:

  • Introduction to the event.
  • What the purposes of this event are.
  • Why you should join this event.

1. Introduction to Stairway to Success – Social Work Session:

“Stairway to Success – Social Work Session” is an event which deliver the deep knowledge and understanding about social work career and problems. During the event, our experienced guest speakers will give out impressive information about opportunities and values of social work in Melbourne. The event will be celebrated on 24th March in Swanston Academic Building, Melbourne.

2. The Purposes of Stairway to Success – Social Work Session:

We have a vision that most students have a wrong definition about social work in Melbourne. In addition to that, although they are passionate about social working, they are difficult to choose between social work and other majors such as accounting, engineering, or so forth. Due to that vision, we decided to organize this event in order to show them the benefits of social work in Melbourne. Not only that, this event is also the way to inspire them to follow their dream without confusion.

3. The reasons for joining Stairway to Success – Social Work Session:

If you are currently studying in Melbourne and passionate about social working, it would be great to join this event. Why? Because it is an opportunity to gain more knowledge about your dream. Moreover, there are many valued keynotes from our experienced guest speakers. It is so confident to say that the event will inspire you to chase your dream. Furthermore, it is also a great chance to connect with people who have a silimar passion. We guarantee that you will receive a great experience when you come to join this event.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

Hope to see you guys at the event.

Have a great day.

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