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Hi guys, what’s poppin?

Next Thursday, the event called “Tất Niên Xa Nhà” (Vietnamese Lunar New Year in Melbourne) will be celebrated by YSO, VSV and LAVISA. So, this post will cover three things below:

  • Introduction to the event.
  • What the purposes of this event are.
  • Why you should join this event.

1. Introduction to Vietnamese Lunar New Year in Melbourne:

This free event is for Vietnamese international students in Melbourne. The event is the great opportunity for them to have the warm feeling as much as the one in their hometown. Participants will be able to taste delicious Vietnamese cuisine at the “Viet Hotpot” restaurant, visit the “Quang Minh Lễ” pagoda, see fireworks and so forth. The event will start at 15th December at 68-82 Hopkins Street, Footscray, Victoria, Australia 3011.

2. The Purposes of Vietnamese Lunar New Year in Melbourne:

The event aims to provide Vietnamese international students in Melbourne the warm atmosphere as much as the one in their hometown during Lunar New Year. From our experiences, most of them cannot reunite with their family and enjoy the warm atmosphere in hometown during this period because of some personal problems such as working or studying. Due to that, we decided to organize this event in order to make them feel relaxed and happy though not being able to come back to Vietnam during Lunar New Year.

3. The reasons for joining Vietnamese Lunar New Year in Melbourne:

You are currently studying or living in Melbourne but you would like to enjoy the warm feeling of Lunar New Year. We highly recommend joining this event. Why? Because the event will be able to fulfill your desire. Not only will you get free delicious Vietnamese food, but also you can participate many activities such as visiting the pagoda, seeing fireworks, receiving Lucky money, and so forth. Moreover, the event is also the great chance to go out and connect with each other. If you want to bring any food or board games in order to make the event more interesting, we highly recommend doing that. We are confident to say that you will have a great experience when joining this event.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

Hope to see you guys at the event.

Have a great day.

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