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Thai Ba Tri (Danny)

Danny is indeed a newcomer in Producer Challenge and the Vietnamese student community in Melbourne as he first came to this place for more than a month. This time, his turning page is a follow of a chain of outstanding activities in high school time, the Deakin University Commerce student promises to make a mark.

Introduction to his script:
As is often said: What is most pristine is the most beautiful. Tri’s weaknesses as well as strengths are his inexperience regarding the new environment, which might be seen as a bit incompetent with the other contestants; At the same time, as a newcomer, his thinking, perception, ambition, dream are no doubts something that many people accidentally missed after a long run, or perhaps useful to share with the coming.

Among new elements of the program this year, Tri will release his work in the form of vlog. Sound interesting, right? Let’s see.

Hnna Pham – Van Lan Nguyen – Trung Hoang

This is a group of friends who come from different colleges in Melbourne. Although it is the first time they participated in “Producer Challenge”, they are so confident to step out of their comfort zone. This would be a great point to chase the dream of being producers.

Introduction to their script:

“If you believe” is the story about a journey of studying oversea of two international students in Melbourne. Despite coming to Melbourne at the different time, they fortunately met each other. It was to say that their lives changed from that moment. It is also the story of the youth but it contain a few fiction details. Sound interesting, right? Let’s see what’s poppin next.

Đinh Thanh Nhi (Alex)

The first impression about Alex is that she is so young but she has been Melbourne for 3 years. She studied the major related to education at Victoria University. However, she will convert to studying the major related to social work at Stott’s College next year. Alex has the deep knowledge about everything around her though being so young. This would be a good point to become a producer.

Introduction to her script:

The story is about her experiences. It is a jorney of Alex when she has been to Melbourne. The story is also the way of dealing with obstacles in her life. The depth and width of Alex’s story could make her audiences more curious.

Nguyễn Lê Lộc (Eric)

Eric is studying Film Production at SAE Institution Melbourne. Needless to say, Producer Challenge is such a perfect opportunity for him to apply what he has learnt so far! This guy also has the hobbies like football or comedy. And simplicity is what he prefers above all, this is probably a “hint” predicting his filmmaking style.

Introduction to his script:

When seeing the title of “The Choice” – what is your first thought in mind? Put yourself in the situation of a graduate student whose parents at home are waiting for; besides, his lover who ever wants him to stay in this piece of land, a dream job … Will you come or stay???

Eric’s story revolves around the first meeting of two best friends after three years. They are both forging a bright new future in Australia. The mark of maturity and the choice of answers for a life ahead will no doubt ensure that you will cling to the movie.

Turn Right or Left? Is it Correct or simply False? It’s time to find the answer!

Bùi Ngọc Thùy Khanh (Kate)

Kate is studying Commerce at Deakin University. She is a sweet girl who is from HCM city, Vietnam.

Introduction to her script:

The story that Kate wants to convey is her profound thought of Hope and Dream, especially in a situation of Vietnamese overseas students like her and her friends. The hopes and dreams in her story is overall more than a “beautiful” message. Let’s see what she wants to tell us!


Members include: Quy Thanh, Ngan Giang and Sam Le who was the first student at the University of Melbourne Uni.

Introduction to their script:

The story that Team Sam wants to convey This short film reflects the true story of our transition from semester 1 to semester 2. It compares the changes in one typical day in our lives as university students from when we wake up in the morning, to the end of the day, including the process of writing our assignments. A simple and so familiar story to all students.

Tran Diem Hang

Hang has been in Australia for almost two years. She has completed a Diploma of Dental Technology course at the Menzies Institute of Technology and now Hang currently works fulltime at Osteon Medical Company in Clayton. The first impression about Hang is a gentle, warm, elegant woman.

Introduction to her script:

Hang’s interest is travel, wherever she goes, she always prefers using public transport in that city. According to Hang, this is both saving and protecting the environment.
The video will showcase how to use public transport in Melbourne in the hope that it can help people who are on the move to Melbourne will get a clearer look.
It feels like this video will be “go viral” then here. You must come to see and share with friends, right?

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