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Hi everyone, how is going?

This Wednesday, we will officially start the event called “Producer Challenge”. So, this post will cover three things below:

  • Introduction to the event.
  • What the purposes of this event are.
  • Why you should join this event.

1. Introduction to Producer Challenge:

“Producer Challenge” is the competition about film-making. This event is the great opportunity for students who are passionate about media. In the event, candidates will be supported to write scripts and then transform them into a 5-10 minutes short film. The final-term of the event will start at 4th December at Swanston Academic Building in Melbourne.

2. The Purposes of Producer Challenge:

We have a vision that the majority of students, especially international students in Melbourne, have a similar passion for film-making. However, they cannot follow their passion because of any personal problems. Due to that vision, we decided to organize this competition in order to support those students to chase their passion. In addition to that, the event also aims to provide them real-world experiences so that they can learn more about what they love. Moreover, the purpose of this event is also to inspire them to be themselves.

3. The reasons for joining Producer Challenge:

If you are currently studying the media-related majors in Melbourne, it would be great to join this event. Why? Because it is an opportunity for you to step ahead, think about your future careers and experience the real-world practice. Moreover, it is also a great way to connect others who have a similar dream. Not only that, we will provide you all digital tools once you participate in the event. We want to notice that you do not need to pay any fee to join this event. We guarantee that you will receive a great experience when you come to join this event.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

Hope to see you guys at the event.

Have a great day.

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