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Hi everyone, how is going?

This Saturday, we will organize the free event called “Career Costume Day”. So, this post will cover three things below:

  • Introduction to the event.
  • What the purposes of this event are.
  • Why you should join this event.

1. Introduction to Career Costume Day:

“Career Costume Day” is the event that supports the international high school students before their university transition exam. This event is the great way for high school students to understand more their choices related to universities and majors. Not only that, there is also a piece of advice from senior students who had the similar experiences before. Furthermore, it is confident to say that this event will inspire high school students to follow what they are passionate about. The event will be organized on this Saturday at 131 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

2. The Purposes of Career Costume Day:

We have a vision that international high school students receive a little care from the vast majority of international groups such as Vietnamese groups in Melbourne. However, they actually need that care because they are too young to know what is good or bad, and there are many choices around them once they are in grade 12. Due to that vision, we decided to celebrate this event in order to support those students to be aware of their choices and what they should do after graduating high school in Melbourne. Not only that, the event also aims to provide them a sight of real-world experiences so that they are able to choose the university and the major which fit their abilities.

3. The reasons for joining Career Costume Day:

If you are currently studying high school in Melbourne, it would be great to join this event. Why? Because it is a chance for you to step ahead and think about your future careers. Moreover, it is also a great way of stepping out of your comfort zone to connect others who are sharing similar career target. Not only that, you will be provided free tasty lunch and exciting gifts once you are a game winner. We guarantee that you will receive a great experience when you come to join this event.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

Hope to see you guys at the event.

Have a great day.

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